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Highland Firecage Chef, cooking on wood and charcoal for over 4 decades, our first restaurant with an open fire was way back in 1986!! Long before it was fashionable and ever since. We are going full-circle, taking cooking back to the beginning of time, adding decades of our own experience in Africa, South America, China, Europe and Japan.

This form of cooking and sharing is nourishing not only for the body but for the soul too, it’s primal, it’s communal, it's tribal, the joy of binding people together over food, warmth and conversation. Did you know that in the world, more people cook over open fires everyday than use gas or electricity to cook!!

This is not BBQ! This is the real deal, wood, fire & flames. We don’t use gas or fancy modern units instead our Firecage is made by Savage, artisan blacksmiths, guys and girls who get dirty, sweaty who work with their hands, who perspire pure passion. Their desire to help us create a unique experience that can be shared through food, fire and conversation is what motivates us to push the boundaries like man did all those millennia ago when fire was first discovered, and the eating of flame licked food was born.

Not too many people or caterers can say they have put together a team that cooked over fire for more than 30 000 people in a single day! Well, we did way back in 2001 over two days and in 2002 for almost 35 000 in a single day…….and this was long before this so-called trend was born.

We use sustainably harvested wood, dried to less than 4% moisture some as low as 1%, the charcoal is made from alien species and sustainably sourced woods so that the precious environment that us outdoorsy types crave for is respected and treasured for future generations.

With this sort of cooking local, in season, sustainably sourced, traceable food is always the best, we however do use some ingredients from around the globe to highlight their influences in the realm of modern fire cooking, these are almost always from small artisanal producers or food co-operatives the majority of whom we have met and visited in person. An ingredient worthy of our consumption needs to be treated with respect and always prepared simply allowing these ingredients to be the stars of our fire shows, as cooks we are nothing more than a cog in process and hopefully by interfering as little as possible, we get to produce some awesome food.

We do several food festivals, events each year and intentionally keep a low profile, we are not wannabe stars, we are just passionate about what we do and do it to the best of our ability. We feed on people’s enjoyment for what we do, we do real food for real people………. without the pons!

We love sharing, teaching, helping, whether it’s through our food at events or knowledge & tips at our classes and of course we love helping those who need hand, we support the pay-it-forward concept by giving time, knowledge and power to others so they in turn can do the same...

              Why not join the Highland Firecage Cooking Clan? 

or better still join us at our.............

Live fire cooking Classes

One of our passions, open fire cooking, Braai, Asado, Yakiniku, Shisanyama,  Churrasco, Barbecue (BBQ), Gogigui, Shao Kao, Mangal, Shaslik, or whatever name you want to use, it is all about flame grilled meat, fish, poultry even vegetables and desserts that bounce with flavour and leave you wanting more.

Cooking over open coals is an art and something everyone should experience, the diversity of equipment, techniques and back to basics styles are things that draw billions of people together all over the world.

We are fortunate enough to have been brought up using this style of cooking from an early age and now share this and much more from around the world, with grills of all types in our collection some coming from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, UK, USA, Japan, China, Korea and the Middle East even some units built here in the UK and Scotland by a local blacksmith.

We can provide different sustainably sourced hardwoods and charcoal; we never use gas units for this sort of cooking.

We offer several classes between April and October each year generally starting around 10am and finishing with our bellies full mid to late afternoon. Typically, a class will consist of how to select wood or charcoal, how to build a fire in the different BBQ units, meat selection, chicken selection, seafood, bread types as well as vegetable cooking and end with dessert making. This is a hands-on day and great for fathers, moms and the kids to all participate. We have and can add this into Estate/Lodge bookings should you wish.

Why not book us privately for a group of friends or a corporate team building day, it's great value for money as not only do you learn loads, but you eat and even get a drink or two.

Live fire cooking day format.

  • Arrive at 10h00 for 10h30 Coffee/tea and pimped out bacon roll on arrival
  • Talk and look at different types of equipment and cooking styles 
  • Lighting techniques, wood and charcoal pro's & cons as well as heat generation and cooking techniques
  • Rubs and marinades, dirty, grill and plancha cooking
  • Cast Iron pot cooking
  • Fish and other things on Cedar and Oak planks
  • Bread and rolls over, in and under the fire
  • Meat, Poultry and Seafood preparation
  • Cooking over different heat sources, tips & tricks.
  • Spit roasting, difference between cooking on vertical/horizontal spits
  • Inside out cooking (you ain't seen this before)
  • Lunch of meat, fish, poultry, salads, breads and potatoes
  • Desserts! Yes, we have been known to even do souffles!!!!!!!!
  • Water still & sparkling, tea, coffee & soft drinks available all day........possibly the odd something else too
  • Up to 10 people per group maximum & minimum 6 per group

Price £125p/p

Loads to take away to friends and family......so don't plan dinner

Open Fire Cooking classes 2023

April Sunday 16th 2023 from 10h00 to 15h30 or a bit later-SOLD OUT-Sorry
June/July/Aug/Sept 2023 dates to be advised 

New Dates coming soon, Live fire breakaway weekends, and Live fire Cooking Classes with the Highland Firecage Chef 2023

Cookery Classes

With over 3 decades of experience, we pride ourselves in delivering a world class experience at your home, anywhere on your Estate even aboard your yacht.

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