Cookery Classes

Nothing is impossible, somethings however may just cost a wee bit more.

Private Cookery Classes

We offer bespoke cookery classes for you and up to 3 friends (4 in total) in the comfort of your house. These classes start at 10.30am and finish around 2.30/3pm schedule’s permitting we can always tweak these timings to fit into your day should you wish to.

We are often asked to focus on specific dietary requirements due to recent changes in health or the need for a healthier lifestyle.

We can provide simple solutions for you, dietary restrictions for health doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your food, healthy, exciting flavourful food is achievable in virtually all diets. Typically, we will do a phone consultation first, this helps us understand your specific needs and allows us to tailor the session to suit you and your dietary requirements.

These private cookery classes could just be so we can show you a few tricks of the trade which will allow you to keep on top of the family meal requirements without resorting to buying processed supermarket ready meals. Wherever possible we will use locally sourced, sustainable foods and organic whenever we can.

We are happy to do a fridge/freezer filling cookery session for you, this is especially popular prior to big holidays (Easter/Christmas etc) allowing you to have 100% input into what’s made and what’s used for your family.

Prices start from £350 per session


With over 3 decades of experience, we pride ourselves in delivering a world class experience at your home, anywhere on your Estate even aboard your yacht.

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